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From single poster print jobs to multimillion-copy government publications, we’ve skillfully managed all of them from start to finish. Packaging your product requires exceptional attention to detail, and we excel at this. We’re passionate about expressing that specific brand message and personality with a clean, eye-catching and well-designed package, especially in today’s green marketplace, where this must be achieved with the minimum of materials and waste.

Packaging is challenging, we know that. We’ve been accepting that challenge as a leading Ottawa Design Agency since 1988 and delivering innovative and product-enhancing packaging solutions that look amazing and work. Really work.



Graphic Adworks takes the time to understand your product and create not only an appropriate logo but an overall look that speaks to the product’s appeal. We allow your product to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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Not only does Graphic Adworks design many publications, we also coordinate their production, advertising and print management. You can be sure your publication will be produced with skill and care, every single time.

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Graphic Adworks takes over an existing brand and breathes new life into it without intrinsically changing the logo identity. The result? Our client’s packaging stands out on a shelf and is easily identifiable by their target market.

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Through an integrated communications strategy, Graphic Adworks helps to design and produce print collateral. Our clients are very good at what they do and they rely on us to design clear, effective marketing communications. 

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